• Most versatile imaging modality for evaluation of cancers
  • Used for diagnosis, staging, response assessment of cancers
  • Other than cancers, invaluable in evaluation of fevers of unknown origin
  • Scans used for diagnosis of cancer and to look for its spread
  • Other uses are in evaluation of memory loss
  • In cases with fever with no clear cause, PET-CT gives a direction for further investigation
  • Very useful in patients with heart attacks, to look for signs of living tissue before doing a bypass of angioplasty
  • In cancers:
    • To diagnose the cancer
    • To see if the patient is responding to on-going therapy
    • Post treatment, to see if the disease has completely cured

Did you know?

As per statistics, incorporation of PET-CT in cancer work-up to change in management of patients in over 1/3rd of the patient population