Myocardial Perfusion Scan

for viability

  • Also conventionally known as stress thallium ,this scan is a simple non-invasive study used to detect ischaemic heart disease
  • The radioisotope injected parallels the blood flow to the heart.
  • The most important role is to assess hemodynamic significance of known coronary artery disease. As per recent literature, only flow limiting stenosis needs to be re-vascularised.
  • Normal scan does not need any intervention despite presence of coronary artery disease
  • ¬†An abnormal scan is risk stratified based on the extent of abnormality with only intermediate to high risk scans needing intervention
  • Scan used to look at blood supply and pumping action of the heart muscle directly
  • To guide about further requirement of angiography or bypass or stenting
  • In cases who already have a stent, to see if the stent is functioning properly
  • Scan can also be done with medicine in patients who cannot exercise physically
  • Can be performed in patients with high serum creatinine

Did you know ?
The chance of having a coronary event in presence of a low risk scan is less than 1%