Radioiodine therapy for Thyroid Cancer

for thyroid cancer/ thyrotoxicosis

  • In post-thyroidectomy setting, ablation of the remnant thyroid for minimising the chances of local recurrence.
  • Treatment of well differentiated metastatic thyroid cancer
  • Negligible adverse effects with high efficacy
  • In thyrotoxicosis, the scan can reliably differentiate thyroiditis, Graves’ disease and autonomous toxic nodule.
  • In the evaluation of thyroid nodule, thyroid scan can predict high-risk subjects for thyroid cancer which would necessitate intervention.
  • Radio-iodine therapy for Graves’ disease as the treatment of choice in patients who do not undergo spontaneous remission.
  • To look for function of thyroid gland
  • Thyroid hormones can be high because of various reasons, a thyroid scan helps to identify the cause and decide treatment plan
  • If increased function of gland, depending on the clinical evaluation, radio-iodine therapy can be given. It is a simple procedure, patient drinks the iodine that is like water in 2 min and goes home. Most patients need just a single dose.

Did you know ?
Radio iodine therapy is the only effective therapy for well differentiated metastatic thyroid cancers

Did you know ?
About 75% of patients with Graves’ disease become euthyroid with a single dose of radio-iodine therapy.