CT Scan (Brilliance 64 scanner)

CT Scan (Brilliance 64 scanner)

The Brilliance CT 64 Channel configuration is designed to help conduct the most advanced multi
slice CT studies possible. This system enables to achieve the highest level of performance in
neurovascular studies, coronary artery imaging, pulmonary imaging and critical care. The
Brilliance CT 64-channel configuration offers wide-coverage sub millimeter-thin slice imaging
that allows unprecedented performance in new emerging clinical applications. The additional

detail obtained in studies has tremendous impact upon the accuracy of diagnosis. The Brilliance
CT 64 channel scanner utilizes the Essence technology to provide the image quality
enhancements required by clinicians to support high level of patient care. Expect new discoveries
in routine studies and breakthrough in clinical applications.

  • Lowest Cardiac radiation dose in the industry with excellent Coronary Image quality
  • The automatic dose management system of Brilliance 64 is applied in X, Y & Z planes
    giving a 3D dose adjustment automatically
  • Accurate depiction of coronary anatomy with Philips adaptive multicycle imaging
    technique, which can effectively used for patients with very high and variable heart rate.
  • Brilliance 64 is a true 64 channel system with 40mm detector coverage
  • Unique post-acquisition & image processing tools such as Arrhythmia correction, ECG
    editing tool which can remove any artifacts caused by abnormal heart-beats during
    cardiac imaging.
  • Brilliance 64 CT Cardiac data processed in fully automated. Philips EBW Workstation,
    which has been awarded as “Best in Class Workstation” globally.
  • Cardiac CT imaging with complete functional information such as ejection fraction, in
    addition to accurate coronary imaging.

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